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When your business operations can safely rely on software that takes your specific needs into account, it’s truly a beautiful thing. And ironically, that’s where it all started… with beauty… or the beauty industry to be more specific.

Established in 2000, HeadStart set out to develop and design salon software that would perfectly cater to the business needs of the South African hair and beauty salon industry. From small beginnings, grew a brand and a partnership that the salons who make use of our software, have come to trust explicitly. A lot of that has to do with the ability of our dedicated team to work closely with business in identifying exactly where their needs lie and to provide the necessary training for the effective implementation and use of the software.

Now in its 21st year, HeadStart is in the position to not only work even closer with our partners in developing software that stays ahead of the curve, but to actually take our learnings and apply it to software development for a variety of other business categories, helping them achieve a HeadStart in their day-to-day business operations.




From sign-up to success, we are there to provide all of the support that you need to ensure the best benefit is gained from our software. Our dedicated and well-trained support team are on hand to help with any issues that arise or any assistance that users may require.

To ensure quick turn-around time on any queries, all support is done remotely and telephonically. Call our support centre today and get a HeadStart on friendly and efficient assistance


To fully optimise our software, we offer training that will empower the user. Compulsory during set-up, and included in the initial set-up fee, we provide basic training that can then be extended later across a variety of our product offerings.

Training Sessions are carefully structured to cover all system functionality, together with industry or category specific settings that need to be put into place.

Point of Sale Hardware

To enhance and speed up the check-out process, add POS hardware items to assist with basic tasks, such as finding products more efficiently with a barcode. Find out more about the items that integrate with your software.

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