Much like the service you offer your customers, you need salon software that’s a cut above the rest.

HeadStart offers that solution, from managing professional stock to retail products and the flexibility to list it in either sizes. There are numerous filters at your disposal, this enables you to identify and target customers with promotions or messaging that are relevant to them, based purely on your previous encounters with that customer and their purchase history. Last, but not least, as an owner you can enjoy the peace-of-mind of being notified via SMS every time something happens that will affect your bottom line.

If you are operating within this business sphere, you are in for a treat. Our software can help you manage your salon resources, such as pedicure chairs, facial steamers and treatment rooms to prevent any double bookings. You’d also be able to view sales per therapist with the greatest of ease and you’d be able to monitor retail performance per staff member, supplier or category.

Managing both professional stock and retail with the comprehensive Stock Control Module means you’d be able to manage both professional and retail stock extensively.

Finally, keeping track of your customer’s information has never been this easy – from course info and weight loss progress over time to the inclusion of a picture gallery per client.

Welcome to a world where dynamic reporting is right at your fingertips. Our software allows you access to a simplified ticket ring-up, integrated with your appointment book and including a fast and effective check-out process for your customers. The managing of both your professional and retail stock is made easy with a built-in Stock Control module which allows for the accurate reporting on stock performance, salon use and stock movement.

Or marvel at the comfort of an SMS or e-mail being sent to your clients based on sales history or their preferences and including reminders about upcoming appointments.

There’s a certain amount of beauty to realising the benefits of using tailor-made software to manage the everyday running of your Aesthetic Clinic. From HeadStart’s comprehensive Stock Control Module and being able to deduct Professional Stock used for services in various methods to effectively tracking the profitability of your services based on your product usage.

You can even save before and after pictures of procedures done and manage all the customer’s historical notes, sales and dates of visits all in one spot.

These features are over and above an already comprehensive POS which integrates with your Appointment Book, which in turn provides appointment forecasts and target tracking.

Manage a multi-store or franchise with ease.

Herewith some of the functionality you can benefit from:

Stock and Service List

Tired of ensuring that all your shops are kept up-to-date with new product ranges, price increases etc? Now you can manage the stock lists (both retail and professional stock) as well as treatments / services from one central location on one master template. With all the familiar tools that you are used to in HeadStart such as Filtering, Range Edit, searching and export to and import from MS Excel, Headquarters takes you one giant leap forward in cutting back on unnecessary duplication of admin tasks.

Different Pricing for different Salons within the same group

Even if you might have different prices for the same product or service at different stores, Headquarters will allow you to have up to 3 different pricing levels for each individual item, with each shop set to work on one of the 3 pricing levels. Also, should one shop stock some products that the other shops don’t, you simply subscribe or un-subscribe each shop to specific stock and service categories so that you can finally have only one master database of all items without having to manually remove such items from each shop.

Automatically Synchronised at Shop Level

All shops in your Headquarters group will automatically synchronise themselves with whatever details you have loaded for them in Headquarters, all without any user
intervention at all, provided that you have a stable internet connection at all stores.

Centralised Client Cards Across a Group

Client Information from each store linked to the Headquarters profile will synchronise to one central location, allowing for interesting client trends analysis – enabling group management / franchisor to make informed decisions based on client trends and sales history.

Inter-shop Gift Card System

A system that allows you to sell a gift card to a customer at one store, and have it redeemed at any other store any number of times until the card has a zero balance. A national register allows you to access detailed reporting and activity auditing of all cards, do balance enquiries both at store and Headquarters level, as well as keeping track of which card numbers were issued to which store.


– Service Breakdown
– Retail Performance
– Summarised Sales Report:
   – Across Stores
   – Monthly Totals
   – Daily Totals
– Compare Sales across Shops
– Shop Ranking
– Inter-shop Gift Card Reporting

With HeadStart’s range of easy to use and flexible software options, you would be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to store any information pertaining to man’s (or woman’s) best friends. From which dogs who might need a specific way of being handled while groomed to any possible allergies… from stock control to setting up timely reminders that can be sent to their owners… we’d go as far as to say that using any other software would constitute barking up the wrong tree.